Health Educator

Weight Loss Center of Arizona
Job Description
We are looking for someone who is caring, compassionate and likes to teach.  This is a weight loss center that offers the HMR system which is rated #1 in rapid weight loss by US News Today for 4 years in a row!
Primary Responsibilities:
Prepare and deliver weekly presentations in behavioral groups to coach patients on making lifestyle health changes using an empirical, data driven approach.  Different types of patient groups include:
  • The Phase 1 (weight-loss) classes
  • Phase 2 (Maintenance) classes for patients who have completed Phase 1 
  • HMR at Home (quick Start Calls)
  • Other special groups as needed
Keep individual and group summary data on all active patients updated and orderly.
Follow-up with current patients.  This involves both telephone calls and periodic individual meetings.
Present program orientations which give an overview of the HMR Program for prospective new patients.
Ensure quality patient care.
Maintain open, respectful lines of communication with patients.
Communicate regularly with other staff to promote a more consistent, integrated and effective program.
Attend annual national HMR training's to stay current with the latest treatment methodologies.
Administrative Responsibilities:
Attend meetings to discuss administrative and patient care issues.  Compile a patient agenda for discussion at weekly patient care meetings.
• Minimum Education: Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English with demonstrated simple arithmetic skills; High School Graduate or equivalent preferred
• Physically demanding, high-stress environment 
• Full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients
• Manual and finger dexterity
• Hand and eye coordination 
• Sitting, standing, and walking for extensive periods of time 
• Lifting and carrying items weighing up to 50 pounds 
• Corrected vision and hearing to within normal range 
• Frequently sitting at desk working on computer
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